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There are many barriers to trying to automate a process. We help you to find the right solution for your production facility. It does not matter whether it is about the handling of parts or the automation of a process. From the idea to fully automatic operation, we deliver the system that meets your requirements. 


When it comes to production requirements, the question often arises as to whether there isn't a better way to implement your manufacturing process. Often this idea is rejected or considered unrealizable and potentials remain hidden. Feel free to contact us and we will show you suitable options for the production operation of your company.


There are many automated processes in industry. Nevertheless, optimization possibilities remain undiscovered. With jointly developed concepts, we can break new ground and meet your needs with tailor-made systems. Special machine construction according to your ideas. With our semi and fully automatic processes you bring your production forward.


By using our systems, you ensure plannable quality as well as scalable key figures in your production. This leads to both an increase in efficiency and competitive advantages. In this way, you make your employees' work easier and save valuable time in the process.

We ensure smooth integration
of new processes

In order to meet this requirement,
IT Stengel relies on innovative technologies that must have already proven themselves in industry.

This includes:

We advise leading companies worldwide in their questions and their possibilities


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